13 Cat Breeds Black And White: Everything You Need To Know

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Cat breeds black and white are known as bi-color kitties and are often referred to as being Piebald or Tuxedo cats.

Some people assume that Tuxedo cats are a specific breed, but it is actually a reference to any cat with distinctive coat marking that gives them the appearance of wearing a formal dinner suit. There are plenty of purebred felines that also have black and white colors.

In this article, we are not only going to talk about cat breeds black and white but also let you know everything about each cat breeds black and white on this list. Without further ado, let’s get started with cat breeds black and white.

Cat Breeds Black And White


Here are a few cat breeds black and white you might like. Don’t forget that Tuxedo markings are not only limited to black and white

13 Cat Breeds Black And White Everything You Need To Know

1. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is one of the giant cat breeds around, but surprisingly incredibly gentle. This, combined with their lustrous and distinctive good look, has helped them to engrave their name on the list of the most popular cat breeds across the world.

Mainly, Maine Coons are tabby, but they have a variety of colors and patterns, including white and black. These cats usually socialize well with all family members, including respectful dogs and kids, and they are affectionate and loyal without being needy.

They are medium-to-large cats with a broad chest and pointed hairs and a long, dense coat that is shorter on the shoulders and stomach. Their eyes are usually gold, green, or copper.

13 Cat Breeds Black And White Everything You Need To Know

2. Manx Cat

Manx cats are dog-like – they are playful, energetic, even-tempered and companionable. Manx cats are also highly-trainable and smart. Usually, this breed is tailless, but sometimes they do have a short stump.

Manx cat breed comes in a wide variety of colors, including black and white. If you choose this breed, it is essential to know that they can shed a lot and because of their rounded, shorter back, they are prone to spinal issues. This breed is also famous for their skills as mousers.

This breed comes in short and long-haired varieties with no tail. They come in black, white, cream, red, blur-cream, brown and tortoiseshell.

3. Cornish Rex

When you see a black and white Cornish Rex, you will love the stunning color. With their popular tight, curly rows of fur, svelte physique and wide-set large ears, they are sometimes called Greyhound of the cat kingdom.

Sociable and energetic, this cat breed thrives in a company. They are smart and can be taught an array of excellent tricks. These cats also provide support as therapy animals. They have tight, curly short hair with a triangular head.

4. Persian

While the pure Persian cat breed is highly-prized and most photographed, they also come in several other colors, including black and white. With their long, thick coats, smushed faces and large and vivid eyes, you can’t mistake this breed for other cat breeds.

Their laid back, low-energy and snuggle personality also give them the popularity they are enjoying. They are not low-maintenance cats because you have to groom their lengthy, lustrous hair every day. If you neglect this, it can become matted and uncomfortable. This breed is also not known for being trainable and smart.

5. Oriental Shorthair

This breed is often confused with Siamese, but the Oriental Shorthair is famous too. Unlike Siamese, this breed comes with different colors and patterns and green eyes. Oriental Shorthair tends to be even-tempered, chatty and inquisitive. This breed is also known to produce less Fel D1 protein that can trigger allergies.

These cats will prefer living in a drought-free and cozy home because of their short, single coats.

6. Munchkin

 Munchkin gets its name from its short legs, which happens as a result of the natural genetic mutation. This cat breed comes in different color combinations, including black and white. They are known for being fun-loving, outgoing and warm-hearted. Their short legs mean they might need help when it comes to grooming their difficult-to-reach spots.

The promotion of this breed is still being debated because of the abnormal mutation and the possible correlation between certain health issues and their type of body shape.

7. Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat breed has a dense semi-long-hair, triple coat. This is needed to survive in the freezing, forested subarctic Siberian area in Russia where they originally came from. Nowadays, this breed continues to grow in popularity in the US., because of its striking good look, playful and affectionate personality.

Siberians are intelligent and active and need lots of enrichment to keep them from being bored. It’s also worth noting that their coat shed profusely during their bi-annual blowout. The most common color is brown, but some of them also come in different colors, including black and white.

8. Moggies

Formally known as Domestic Short or Long-haired cats, Moggies are mixed-breeds with no formal pedigree. If you want to adopt a cat, you will likely be presented with Moggies. Although they might not have formal papers, they are intelligent, affectionate and beautiful cats with minimal health problems and excellent temperament.

Moggies also come in several colors and patterns, including black and white.

9. Scottish Fold

Popular for its small, folded over ears, this cat breed has an impish-looking appearance. The Scottish Fold is known for being friendly and laid back. They live well with respectful kids and other pets. Scottish Fold is at higher risk of developing a degenerative joint problem that can impact the bone and cartilage development. Their dense coats also need regular grooming in order to prevent issues with furballs. They also come in black and white and many other colors.

10. Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora is a long-haired cat breed associated with only being white. Although they are still found in white colors, they come in several other color variations too. This breed is most suited to a household where they will have someone keeping them company most of the day.

They are also affectionate and outgoing and need both enrichment and attention. They are active more than an average cat out there but can become mischievous when bored. They often like to swim and play inside the water.

11. British Shorthair Cat Breed

The British Shorthair cat breed is famous in England, where they are mostly found in blue color, but this breed can also produce black and white. The breed is bred initially to keep rodents away from farms and homes.

Their coat is thick and dense as it is designed to keep them warm outside. They are easy-going and get along with dogs and kids too. It means they are perfect for a family that can give them lots of attention.

12. Cymrics

Cymrics are mostly regarded as long-haired Manx cats, which is not far from the truth, but they can be tailless. Their lack of tail is a result of genetic mutation. The black and white cats are loving and kind but people-oriented, so they are perfect for people who spend much time at home.

13. Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail is a cat breed believed to bring good luck to their owner because they are known in their homeland (Japan) as the original lucky cat. They are most commonly found in red, black and white colors.

With their irresistible long hind legs and cute pom-pom like tail, this cat breed possesses an unusual appearance that has been captured in Japanese art for more than 1000 years. The Japanese Bobtail is a vocal cat and popular for its sing-song meow.

Cat breeds black and white can be found in lots of cat breeds. When you are considering buying cat breeds black and white, be sure to consider physical and temperament characteristics. You should also be sure you can offer it the kind of lifestyle your cat deserves. You can also try and adopt a wonderful Moggie.


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