14 Best Cat Breeds Short Hair – Everything You Need To Know

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 If you are looking for the best cat breeds short hair, look no further. Cat breeds short hair is easier to find than cat breeds long hair because they are not only common but cute and most of them shed less.

This cat breeds short hair is the real deal when it comes to choosing the right cat for you and your family. This list will guide you if you are about to become a cat owner. In fact, some of the cat breeds short hair out there happens to be the most exotic.

From the American shorthair cat breeds to the gorgeous British Shorthair and the comfy cozy Scottish Fold, you are sure to love the cat breeds short hair on this list.

The Best Cat Breeds Short Hair

Short hair cat breeds are cute and here is a few of them:

  1. American Shorthair Cat Breeds
  2. Exotic Shorthair Cats
  3. British Shorthair Cats
  4. Devon Rex Cats
  5. American Curl Cat Breed
  6. Manx Cat
  7. Ocicat Cat Breed
  8. LaPerm Cats
  9. Korat Cat
  10. Scottish Fold Cat Breed
  11. Abyssinians
  12. Siamese Cat
  13. Oriental Cats
  14. Russian Blue

1. American Shorthair Cat Breeds (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Native to America, American shorthair cat breeds are formerly known for keeping vermin and rodents away from food stores. They also enjoy using their hunting skills on suspecting insects. As a moderately active and smart feline, American shorthair cat breeds enjoy learning tricks and challenging their intelligence with interactive toys and puzzles.

This breed is good-natured and adaptable, making her the ideal family companion. Although American shorthair cat breeds love attention from their people, including kids, they do not like being carried and are fairly independent.

Occasionally, she may curl up, but may also prefer to sit alongside you most times. She will get along well with a cat-friendly dog, but her love for hunting may take over with pet birds and some other small animals.

American shorthair cat breeds have a lifespan of 15-20 years. They come in arrays of colors and patterns, including silver tabby, which is actually the most popular and common. They have a stocky and muscular build and have a full face and large head alongside large, wide eyes and medium-sized ears.

Although American shorthair cat breeds do shed but combing few times per week will remove dead hair and redistributes skin oils to keep the coat shiny and prevent dry, itchy skin. They are healthy and hearty, but their flat face makes them susceptible to respiratory and ocular problems.

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Genetically, they are predisposed to mouth and gum disease. Their laid-back nature also increases their risk of obesity. However, reputable breeders do test thoroughly to avoid breeding cats with genetic diseases.

2. Exotic Shorthair (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Exotic Shorthair cat is a human-made breed, which results from the cross of American shorthair cat breeds with Persians and other shorthaired cats. Her exotic body and head-style match that of the Persian, but in the 1960s, the breed was separated into its own category.

Her desired coat is plush, dense and stands away from her body because of the thick undercoat. Known as the lazy man’s Persian, this breed as the easygoing and body type of Persian but without the coat length and need for daily grooming.

The Exotic Shorthair has a soft teddy bear look, thick, dense, plush short hair and round face cat that is loyal, athletic, fun-loving, quiet, sensitive and affectionate. This breed is friendly to other cat breeds and dogs, as well as people. They love being attended to because they can get bored easily.

Exotic Shorthair cat owners leave a television or radio on to make the cat feels less isolated. This breed is more affectionate than many other breeds out there and not annoyingly demanding. She is quite and the owner should be concerned about undesirable and excessive meowing or crying, especially at night.

The Exotic Shorthair lifespan is between 12 and 15 years and can weigh 7 to 14 pounds. The color can be red, white, silver, black, blue, chinchilla, cream, chocolate, lilac and shaded silver. She needs regular grooming. This breed often sheds so you should comb or brush her coat regularly to reduce the risk of developing hairballs. You might also need to vacuum often.

Unfortunately, it is known to have many illnesses and conditions. So the owner should be ready to for long-term medical costs or pet insurance.

3. British Shorthair (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Also known as English Cat or the Brit, British Shorthair is the national cat of the British Isles. This cat breed is muscular, powerful and compact. The British Shorthair breed has short, strong legs, large rounded paws and a broad chest. It has a tail that is round at the tip, thick at the base and plush but not fluffy.

The males are almost always bigger than the females, making the size difference easily recognized in this breed than most other breeds out there. Mature males tend to develop prominent chubby cheeks, which is another feature to distinguish this breed based on gender.

The British Shorthair breed is easy-going, friendly and intelligent. The breed has breed described as being predictable, patient and placid. The Brit, as sometimes called, is gentle and sweet, undemanding and a steadfast companion family member. They adapt quickly to city, farm, apartment or estate living.

They are not pushy cats or noisy, although they appreciate and accept affection when offered. This mild-mannered cat breed is well suited to families with kids, dogs and other cats. He always loves attention given to him by kids who treat him with respect and politely and is forgiving of clumsy toddlers.

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Be sure to supervise your kids and show them to pet the cat nicely. Instead of carrying or holding the cat, allow him to sit on the floor and pet him. You may have to introduce your new pets to him slowly and in a controlled setting.

British Shorthair’s lifespan is between 12 and 17 years and you will also enjoy low maintenance with this breed. They have different colors ranging from blue, red, brown, cream to silver. Occasional grooming is good to remove hair, stimulate circulation and prevent matting. It should be once a week.

This breed does not have many known illnesses or conditions like other cat breeds. If you don’t want to be worried about long-term medical costs, this breed is perfect for you. The cat also sheds little or no hair. They also produce little to no dander and are hypoallergenic.

It’s known to be quiet, so if you hear undesirable and excessive meowing or crying, especially at night, you have to be concerned.

4. Devon Rex (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Native to the UK, Devon Rex is a unique breed with a short muzzle, large eyes, huge ears and prominent cheekbones. It is medium length, muscular, hard, slender and has a broad chest, medium-fine boning and a body carried high on the legs.

The Devon Rex extremely intelligent, makes it a lively and affectionate companion. This breed is creative and known to invent clever game games on their own. Anything that can be moved or picked up becomes a target or toy to a Devon Rex.

They are also people-oriented and always bond with their owners easily. So if you buy a Devon Rex, be sure to be ready for a lifelong commitment. They are devoted, affectionate and give and also expect to receive. Due to its short hair, it is not equipped to survive outdoors, so you have to keep it exclusively indoors.

It is social and active, making it a perfect choice for families with kids and other pets. It can easily learn tricks, play fetch and any retriever and always love the attention it receives from kids who treat him with respect. Be sure to introduce pets slowly and control the circumstances.

Devon Rex’s lifespan is around 10 to 15 years can have different colors ranging from white, black, red, lavender, chocolate, fawn, cream to blue. It’s usually lovely with adults, seniors and children (6+) and can be affectionate towards them.

With moderate maintenance, regular grooming is important to keep its coat in good shape. Unfortunately, it has a lot of illnesses and conditions. If you buy this cat, be prepared for long-term medical costs or insurance.

It also a cat with little to no shedding and produces little to no dander. It is also hypoallergenic. Known to be quiet, you should be concerned when you hear undesirable and excessive meowing or crying, especially at night.

5. American Curl Cat Breed (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

American Curl Cat is small to medium in size and males can weigh about 7-10 pounds while females can weigh about 5-8 pounds. This breed has distinctive curled ears that form an excellent arc, giving an alert, perky expression.

American Curl Cat is known as the “Peter Pan” of cats because it retains its kitten-like personality throughout its lifetime. There is also a longhair variety of this breed, but the breed has an outstanding temperament and is people-oriented. It also adjusts easily to kids and other pets.

The breed can be black, white, red, blue, lilac, chocolate, golden and silver in color. It also has various pattern and shadings.

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6. Manx Cat (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

With Manx Cat males weighing between 9 and 13 pounds and females weighing between 7 and 11 pounds, this breed is in medium to large size. When they are not hunting rodents or bugs or standing guard, they are affectionate, playful and even-tempered cat breed.

This breed loves following their favorite person from one room to another and curling up on their lap. Manx can also carry on a conversation with you even when in her quirt trill. It is adaptable when exposed to new people, animals and activities, and even loves meeting and greeting new people.

She is very smart and can easily learn tricks such as fetch and walking on a leash. Manx Cat breed also makes an excellent road-trip companion, because she loves riding in cars and also likes to play with water.

You can teach her to turn on faucets and open doors. As a people-oriented cat, this cat needs lots of attention to prevent boredom. So don’t leave her alone for many hours. Of course, you can put on a radio or television for her when you are busy.

This breed sheds, especially during fall and spring. You need to brush her double coat regularly to remove loose hair. They come in different colors and patterns, including solids, calicos and tabbies. They have an average lifespan of 8-14 years.

Manx Cats are round cat overall and have varieties of tails from longies to stumpies. They have a rounded head, stouty body, round rear, broad chest and large, round eyes. Their legs are shorter than their hind legs.

Manx cats are generally healthy but may suffer from a few conditions and diseases, including arthritis, corneal dystrophy, Manx syndrome like a short spine, urinary tract issues, and difficulties with bowels and digestion.

7. Ocicat Cat Breed (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Known as the only spotted domestic breed that is selectively bred to emulate cats of the wild, Ocicat Cat males weigh 10-15 pounds while females weigh 7-12 pounds. They are in medium to large sizes and also have a color range of tawny, blue, cinnamon, chocolate, cinnamon silver, fawn silver, lavender silver, ebony silver, chocolate silver, fawn and lavender.

Ocicat is athletic and muscular and can be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch. They are a people-devoted feline that loves companionship and don’t like being left alone for long. This breed is friendly with dogs and other cats. They are healthy and have a lifespan of 15-18 years.

8. LaPerm Cat Breeds short hair

Known for its curly, ripple coat and being people-oriented, the LaPerm cat is friendly and calm. It is also energetic and inquisitive. This cat has a medium size and males can weigh between 7 and 10 pounds while females can weigh between 5 and 8 pounds.

The color ranges from white to black, cream, red, lavender, fawn, chocolate and cinnamon. It also comes in various shadings and patterns. This feline loves attention and always wants to be close to her human companions. She loves a loving family. Though curious, it is content to be close to whatever is going on and to be a lap cat.

9. Korat Cat Breed (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Medium in size, Korat Cat Breed males weigh between 8 and 10 pounds while the female weighs between 6 and 8 pounds. It is a rare Thai breed, which is an affectionate constant companion with a gentle and good character with kids.

Though Korat Cat possesses an action-packed personality, it moves slowly, cautiously and doesn’t like sudden loud noises. It has extraordinary hearing power, the power to perceive scent and powerful sight. In Thailand, its silver-tipped blue coat is described as rain-cloud gray.

10. Scottish Fold (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Native to the UK, Scottish Fold is a cat breeds short hair with 11-14 years lifespan. The male weighs around 7 and 11 pounds while the female weighs 5 to 8 pounds and they come in different colors including black, white, red, silver, cream and blue.

It’s usually nice to adult, seniors and children (6+), and can be really affectionate towards them. Whit her round face, wide eyes and uniquely folded ears, the Scottish Fold looks like a teddy bear, an owl or a pixie.

A loving, mellow breed, this breed adapts quickly to a new environment and enjoys a company of kids, adult and other pets. It usually bonds to a person, following such person from room to room. This loyal, intelligent, playful breed has two coat varieties, shorthair and longhair.

Scottish Folds are well-behaved, calm and affectionate. They tend to bond well with human and companion pet family and are highly personable. They are content in all kinds of households from quiet to rural and urban. They also thrive well in noisy homes with kids and other pets, although they also seem to be pleased to be the only pet in a one-person household.

Scottish Folds enjoy the attention, playtime and affection but can also spend their days alone, napping on a gorgeous cat bed while the owner is at work. This is not a vocal breed but has a slight, soft meow. So if you are looking for a vocal cat, you might want to pass.

Regular grooming is essential to keep its coat in good shape. It sheds moderately but regular grooming, good nutrition and keeping shedding to a small area, such as a cat bed, will help minimize shedding.

The biggest health issue associated with this cat is Osteochondodisplaysia which causes thickening of the cartilage and deformed bones. Some countries have even banned the breeding of Scottish Cat.

11. Abyssinian (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Active, gentle, intelligent, independent and energetic, Abyssinian cat breed is native to Egypt. Its lifespan is around 14 to 15 years and weighs 7 to 10 pounds. The colors range from ruddy to fawn, black, chocolate and cinnamon.

The Abyssinian is regarded as one of the oldest cat breeds. It resembles the painted and sculptural representations of ancient Egyptian cats. The breed is muscular yet elegant, comes in medium size, has a long, well-arched neck, long legs, large alert ears and exotic, almond-shaped eyes.

The tail is broad at the base and their coat is soft, silky and lustrous alongside a full undercoat. Abyssinians are vocal, social and active. They bond with their owners and love to be involved in virtually everything that their family members do. They adapt quickly to new environments and situations and are intelligent and easy to train.

This breed is also good at training their owner to wait on them. This is a sturdy fun, witty, funny and smart breed that can be demanding of respect and attention. Social and active Abyssinian is a great choice for families with kids and cat-friendly dogs.

This cat learns new tricks easily and can play fetch and any retriever. When kids treat him with respect, he is polite to them. He will also happily make friends with dogs, parrots, ferrets and other animals.

He sheds very little or no shedding at all. It also produces little to no dander and is hypoallergenic. Unfortunately, it has a few illnesses and conditions which owners should take into consideration.

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12. Siamese (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Native to Thailand, Siamese lifespan is between 12 and 15 years. It is active, agile, sociable, clever, energetic and loving. Males can weigh 11 to 15 pounds while the female can weigh 8 to 12 pounds. They come in different colors and patterns, including lilac point, chocolate point, blue point and seal point.

Siamese is an ancient cat breed and is considered the quintessential people cat for her love of being with a human. The slick, striking breed has deep blue almond-shaped eyes. Known as Meezers, Siamese is sociable, playful and entertaining.

Siamese cat breeds short hair is bold, friendly, loyal and affectionate. The Blue Point Siamese cat is said to be the most affectionate and gentlest of all the Colorpoint Shorthair varieties. They are intelligent, outgoing, gregarious, precocious and extremely friendly with people and other pets.

They don’t like to be left alone and often do well when kept in household pairs or small groups, so they can entertain each other while the owners are not around. This breed has a nervous personality and doesn’t like a sudden change to its living environment. They can be aloof towards strangers and skittish around new people in the home.

Regular grooming is important. This breed is good with seniors, adults and children age six above. They are generally healthy and don’t have many illnesses and conditions like other cats. This is for those who don’t want to worry about long-term medical costs.

Siamese sheds moderately and giving it proper nutrition alongside regular grooming can make shedding more manageable.

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13. Oriental Cat (Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Native to the United States, Oriental Cat is energetic, curious, affectionate, playful, intelligent and has a lifespan of 12-14 years. The males usually weigh between 7 and 10 pounds while the female weighs between 5 and 8 pounds. Their color ranges from black to white, blue, lavender, cinnamon, chestnut, fawn and cream.

The Oriental cat is a svelte cat with long tapering lines, very lithe yet muscular. Svelte and long, a distinctive combination of firm muscles and fine bones; shoulders and hips continue the same sleek line of the tubular body.

Oriental are passionate about their family members as they become extremely attached to their human. If you choose this breed, be ready for a lifetime commitment. It is not easy for this cat to adjust to the loss of their family or the person they love. When the owner is not available to play with him, he will divert attention to something else, such as jumping on top of the refrigerator, watching television or opening drawers.

He can play fetch, learn to walk on a leash and is usually amenable to living with dogs, children and other cats. You can train him for feline agility, entertain him with puzzle toys and teach him tricks.

Occasional grooming is important to keep its coat in shape. This cat breed does shed often. Unfortunately, it is known for some conditions and illnesses. Owners should be ready for long-term medical costs or pet insurance.

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14. Russian Blue ( Cat Breeds Short Hair)

Playful, gentle, active, intelligent, loyal, quiet, easy-going and dependent, Russian Blue cat is a breed with a lifespan of 10 to 16 years. They come in colors ranging from blue to silver. The male can weigh between 7 and 12 pounds while the female can weigh 5 to 8 pounds.

The Russian Blue is an old feline breed that descends from Russia. The medium-sized cat is with a short, dense, plush double-coat described as seal-like in texture. Russian Blues are normally quiet, affectionate and gentle. They are also handsome and unique among cats.

They develop a strong bond with their loved ones and extremely loyal. They can live easily with children and other pets. They are typically tidy and clean and can also be shy around strangers. They make an excellent devoted companion.

Regular grooming is important to keep its coat in shape. They are also not known for many serious illnesses and conditions. So it is best for you if you don’t want to spend too much on your cat.

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