How To Groom A Dog At Home With scissors? – 10 Simple Steps

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If you are looking for how to groom a dog at home with scissors, or how often dog baths, you are in the right place. Though grooming your dog with a clipper is not as scary as some people make it seem to be, the noise of the clipper may frighten your precious dog.

Not all dogs require hair cut; if your dog is not hairy, all you need to do is brush him a couple of times a week with little to no trimming. But if your dog is hairy, you may need to trim his hair more often, especially once every 4 to 8 weeks.

You don’t even need to trim some dogs such as the wire-coated dogs because they are not supposed to be trimmed, but rather hand-trimmed once or twice every year.

Why Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors? (How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors)

If you are not already good at handling scissors and you are looking for how to groom a dog at home with scissors, grooming your dog at home with a clipper and blade is faster and more efficient. But once you know how to hold the scissors at the right angle, you can safely trim your dog’s hair to a preferred length. If your dog is cooperative, you will get better as you use scissors.

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Here are a few reasons why you might want to groom a dog at home with scissors:

  • If the clipper’s noise always frightens your dog
  • The puppy’s coat is not fully developed and it is best not to clip it until the coat becomes a full adult coat. Trimming with a clipper cam makes the coat coarser and thicker for some dog breeds such as Bichons or Poodles. The coat can even become tightly curled.
  • You may not have a budget for a clipper yet.
  • Clipping may alter or spoil a coat. The coat may grow coarser and thicker, making it more prone to matting.


If you want to groom your dog at home easily and effectively, use Crea Clip. Though it is vital to brush your dog fully, this clever tool makes it safe for your admirable dog. It even offers a more even finish.

How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Dog’s Perspective

When it comes to grooming your dog, there are two things you should consider:

1. When To Start

To make your life easier, the first thing you should do is to start trimming your dog once its coat has developed. Any time after it has turned eight weeks is ok, but not before your dog is eight weeks old.

2. Set Up The First Date

 Dogs are always curious mainly due to their sense of smell and keen eyesight. If you begin cutting the hair around your dog’s eyes, he might wiggle around to see and sniff the new shining object and gets himself hurt in the process.

That is why it is crucial to take both your dog and trimming tool on a first date. Allow him to see and sniff all the tools for a few seconds and then open and close the scissors so he can hear the sounds. You can also use treats during trimming to reduce anxiety.

How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Important Tools You Need

You already know that you can reduce shedding by brushing your dog’s hair every day. But the frequency depends on the type of coat, so be sure to research the frequency first. Here are the tools you will need to groom your dog:

  • A brush
  • A comb
  • Scissors – Use short blade scissors
  • Thinning Shears – It makes the edges of your dog’s coat look natural
  • Scissors oil – Oil your scissors and thinning shears after multiple uses to avoid a dull blade

How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Types Of Dog Grooming Scissors

The three main types of dog grooming scissors are straight, thinning and curved scissors. These scissors come in different styles and sizes. The reason why you need to choose the right scissors is that dog’s hair is thicker than a human hair.

The scissors you used to cut human hair may not cut dogs’ hair smoothly. If you are looking for the best dog grooming scissors that will make your cutting smooth, you can try some of the scissors below.



How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Should You Comb Or Brush?

Your dog’s type of coat will determine which you should use. The simple answer is to use a brush daily and combs on certain occasions.

You should use combs for de-mating and removal of shedding hair. The de-matting comb and shedding comb break matty fur and eliminate loose hair respectively. The sharp nature of the teeth can irritate the skin of your dog which is why this recommendation is essential.

If your dog’s hair is long or your dog has double-layered fur, use widely spaced combs.

How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Which Brush To Use?

The length of your dog’s hair will determine which brush to use. A dog could come from a dog breed including:

  • A long coat breed
  • A medium coat breed
  • A short coat breed


If the hair of your dog is short, you should use a rounded brush with polished tips. These rounded brushes with polished tips are also good for dogs with sensitive skin because the brush tips will not be abrasive on their skin.

A slicker brush is perfect for dogs with long and curly hair because of their gentle wire-pins

A pin is perfect for dogs with medium hair. A grooming brush is ideal for brushing when you bathe your medium-haired dog.

You need to brush dogs with short hair daily. About three times a week is enough to maintain the health of your short-haired dog.

How To Use A Straight Dog Grooming Scissor (Shears)

These scissors are the main scissors for dog grooming. If you are looking for the perfect dog grooming scissors, choose straight scissors. You can cut straight and curve with straight scissors, but can’t cut straight with curved scissors.

You can get straight scissors in different lengths, the most common being 7 inches or inches scissors. If your hands are small and you prefer smaller scissors, you may spend a lot of time trimming your dog’s hair.

To cut round feet, hold the scissors around a 35-degree angle. Alternatively, hold the foot of your dog up and use the middle of the scissors blade.

You can also set angulation on the hind leg with straight scissors or even sculpt a nice round head. If you don’t want to have to use straight scissors to cut rounded areas of your dog’s body, get around scissors.

How To Use Curved Dog Grooming Scissors (shears)

These curved scissors are perfect when it comes to trimming the hair around the head and contour of the dog’s body. They can also be used to blend the hind leg into the hip, doing beautiful teddy style feet as well as rounding and beveling on the head.

Curved scissors also come in different sizes, of which 7 and 8 inches are the most commonly used lengths.

How To Use Dog Grooming Thinning Scissors (How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors)

With thinning scissors, you get numerous benefits and extra versatility. Thinning scissors are divided into two types, including single side and double side.

Single-sided thinning scissors have a straight bar on one side and teeth on the other side while double-sided thinning scissors have teeth on both sides but just one of the two cuts and shapes. When using thinning scissors, the scissor will remove some of the coat, and thinning it out rather than cutting it away. So they don’t leave s define edge the way straight scissors do.

You can use these scissors to blend different lengths, thin out bulky coats and break down matts to make combing and brushing easier. You can also make the lines made with straight scissors look natural with thinning scissors.

How Different Coat Types Cut (How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors)

There are three main types of dog coats. They are a wiry coat, drop coat and a blended or wool coat.

How To Cut Wirey Coats

Wirey coats are common in terrier breeds including Foxies or Wirehair Jack Russels. The same method you would use to cut blended or woolen coats is the same method you will use to cut wire coats when it comes to cutting with scissors. However, the finish may be choppy and leave a few scissors marks, but you can make it look natural and smooth by finishing the cut with thinning scissors.

How To Cut Drop Coats

Dog breeds with drop coats include Maltese, Shitzu and Yorkshire terriers. They are regarded as drop coats because their hair can be messed up when it is long. When they shake their coat, it drops naturally back in position. Also, they have a natural part in their back.

With a drop coat, scissors may leave a choppy and uneven finish in the fur. With thinning scissors, you can make the choppy and uneven finish smooth and perfect, by blending out the lines.

A clipper and a guide comb attachment are much better if you want to trim a drop coat because scissors may not give the finish you want. If you want to use scissors on a drop coat, comb the fur down and then trim around the edges to a desirable length.

How To Cut Blended Or Woolen Coats

Dog breeds with blended or woolen coats include Bichons, Poodles and many mixed breeds. You can use straight or curved scissors to trim their coats nicely without leaving any unnatural lines. If you so wished, you can blend it further with thinning scissors.

How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors – Ten Simple Steps

To groom a dog at home with scissors, you should follow these ten simple steps:

Step 1: Create A Space

You should create a space to groom your dog at home. You know that giving someone a haircut always messes up the place and can even be worse with a dog. Create a grooming table with a comfortable height and place your dog on it. This table will make it easier for you to groom your dog.

You may also need to secure a grooming arm to your grooming table to restrain your dog or get a helper’s assistance.

Step 2: Brushing

We’ve discussed the best brush to use earlier based on the hair length, so be sure to use the correct brush to brush your dog’s hair. Since you will be trimming your dog’s hair, use a comb to detangle matted hair.

When you are brushing his hair, be sure to brush it in the direction of hair growth. For the successful completion of this step, praise the patience of your dog by giving him treats.

Step 3: How To Handle Scissors

  • While your dominant hand is in a handshake position, straighten it.
  • Balance the scissors or the sheath on your index finger, usually at the scissors screw point
  • Roll up the scissors or shear and keep it centered using the index finger to stabilize the scissors.
  • Put your thumb into the upper opening and ring finger into the lower opening
  • Open and close the scissors using just the thumb finger.

Step 4: Start Trimming From The Back And Sides

Start trimming the hair from the back of your dog and comb it. Use a comb to hold up the hair and protect the skin of the dog and then trim the hair coming out of the comb. Trim gently, one bit at a time rather than cutting all the unwanted hair length with a big chop.

Start trimming the sides from the blended fur at the neck by trimming with scissors parallel to the dog’s side. Cut your dog’s skirt to desired length and thin the sides with the scissors pointing down. To blend fur and avoid scissor lines, brush or comb in between cuts.

Step 5: Groom The Tail

When you are trimming the tail, you need to be a little bit careful. Use the same technique you used to trim the back of the dog, but do it on the sides of the tail. Be sure to be at least one inch away from the tail of the dog.

To trim the end of the tail, feel for where the tail’s bone ends and leave an inch of hair after that. Then use your finger to ensure you are only cutting the hair and continue trimming.

Step 6: Trim The Legs

Brush the leg’s and foot’s hair downward and then use a comb or your finger as a guard while trimming. Give your dog treats after trimming each leg.

Step 7: Trim The Ears

Be careful while trimming your dog’s ears because ears are sensitive. Gently hold the ear, brush it downwards, leave an inch of hair after the ear ends and cut the hair after that.

Step 8: Trim Around The Eyes

Around the eyes is probably the most difficult area to trim, but I believe you can do it. If your dog moves a lot, secure him in place by holding his muzzle. Pick your sheath, leave an inch of hair and then trim around your dog’s eyes. The dog’s eyes can be severely damaged if hair pokes around his eyes.

Also, remember to trim the hair around the neck and chest because that is where crumbs and dirt get stuck a lot. Brush the chest and neck and then trim the excess fur along the neck and blend it into the chest’s fur. If there is any thick area, you can thin it with thinning shears.

Hold the scissors parallel to your dog’s skin while pointing them down. Use a comb or brush to blend the fur in between cuts and then trim and thin.

Step 9: Brush Again

 After trimming every area that you need to trim, brush everything again. Tidy up any area with excess fur or hair for a cleaner look.

Step 10: Reward Your Dog

Of course, he deserves a huge reward for being nice while you are cutting his hair. Give him some treats and in fact, you should spoil him with an extra playtime session.

Professional Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming is not just about making your pet look good. It’s about making them feel good too. Grooming provides an opportunity for physical contact, which helps dogs feel more confident and less anxious in social situations.

Here are the professional dog grooming tips you need to groom your dog:

  1. Develop a routine that works for you and your dog. Use the same shampoo, the same bathing spot and the same step every time.
  2. Choose the right shampoo based on your need
  3. Use a comb or brush to work through its coat while you are rinsing to rid the dog of excess loose hair. 
  4. Use the right tools for grooming such as trimmers, scissors and brushes.
  5. Organize your equipment and make sure to have everything you need for grooming in place before you start.
  6. Get a helping hand because you might need it.
  7. Before grooming, dry your dog thoroughly.
  8. Always go with the lay of the hair when trimming
  9. If you are trimming between the pads, move your dog to the edge of the work surface. This will make it easier for you.
  10. Teach your dog to love grooming

How to Cut Dog Hair Evenly

If you are a dog owner, then you know that the hair of your pet dog is an important factor to consider when it comes to your home’s cleanliness. The hair of the dog is not just a nuisance, but also a health hazard because it can lead to allergies and other respiratory problems.

One way to cut the hair of your pet dog evenly is by using an electric clipper. However, in order for this method to work effectively, you will need to know how much cutting power is needed for different types of dogs. .For example, a Great Dane would require a lot more cutting power than an English Bulldog.

So, with this in mind, you will need to be able to accurately estimate your dog’s size when selecting the appropriate blade. Additionally, blades vary in what they can remove and how quickly they can do so. Follow the above video to cut your dog’s hair evenly.

How To Clean Dog Grooming Scissors

Scissors are a tool that is used for many purposes. They are not only used for cutting hair, but also for trimming nails, cutting paper, and other similar tasks.

Make sure you know how to clean your dog’s grooming scissors to avoid infection and other problems.

A lot of people are not aware of the importance of cleaning their dog grooming scissors. This is a mistake that can result in infections and other health problems for your pet.

Dog grooming scissor maintenance is extremely important for the health of your pet and yourself.

Dog grooming scissors are one of the most important tools that you need to have in your grooming kit. They come in handy when you need to groom your dog’s fur or cut their nails. However, they can be a bit difficult to clean because they get soiled with hair and dirt.

The best way to clean these scissors is by using a soft brush or towel and warm water or Barbicide. You should also make sure that the water temperature is not too hot because it can damage the metal on the scissors. If you don’t have a brush or towel at hand, you can use your hands instead!

After that, dry the scissors with a soft cloth and then lubricate your scissors by opening the scissors at a 90-degree angle and then apply a drop of oil to the joint. Open and close the scissors a few times to allow the oil to sync and then wipe the blade clean.

Make sure to use only scissors oil and not clipper oil. Also, remember not to over oil it.

Conclusion On How To Groom A Dog At Home With Scissors

It is not necessary to use a clipper to trim your dog’s hair. Scissors is an easy tool to trim your dog’s fur and give it a cute look. If you are looking for how to groom a dog at home with scissors, there you have it.  Remember not to leave out any area such as the ears and tail. Make your pooch look cute!

But do you prefer scissors to clippers? Why do you prefer scissors or clippers? We could make a post that will address all your questions.

Here are tools you need to answer how to groom a dog at home with scissors properly


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