When Dog Licks You: How to React and Why It Matters

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When dog licks you, do you know what it means? Dogs lick humans for many reasons. It is a way of communicating with us and it can also be a sign of affection. When a dog licks your face, they often want to play or show you their love and affection.

This is not to say that dogs only lick people they like, but it is more likely if they are licking you on the face or other sensitive areas of the body.

What Does it Mean When a Dog Licks You? (When Dog Licks You)

The act of a dog licking you is one that has many different meanings. It can be a sign of love and affection, or it could be a sign of dominance and power.

Some people believe that when dog licks you, it means they are telling you that they like you and want to be your friend. Others believe that when the dog licks someone’s face, it is showing them who is the boss in the house.

It is not always easy to know whether a dog wants a lick from you or if it is just trying to get your attention. However, there are some clues that you can look for to figure out the intention of the dog.

The first clue is the location of the lick. If a dog licks your face, it may be trying to get your attention. This could be because they want something like food or water, or they may want you to pet them. It could also mean that they are just giving you a kiss and want more attention from you.

If the lick was in an area where there was no food, then this might mean that the dog is licking in love and wants some affection from you as well as showing their appreciation for being fed or petted by you

If you don’t want your dog’s saliva on your face, then there are some things you can do to stop them from licking you. You can either tell them “No!” loudly or firmly push them away with your hands.

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Why Dog Licks You?

When dog licks you, it does it for many reasons. Dogs lick to show affection, to get attention, or because the person or animal smells like food. Dogs are attracted to the smell of sweat and body oils, so licking a person’s face may be a way for the dog to get closer to that smell.

Licking is usually a sign of affection, but it can also be a way for dogs to show submission, or as part of aggressive behavior. Some species of dogs may lick their owner with their teeth out in order to mark ownership. Having said that, here are the six reasons why dog licks you:

1. Your Dog is Showing Affection

Dogs often lick or groom each other to build a sense of camaraderie. For example, when a mother dog licks her puppy they’re doing it because they care and are seeking comfort.

Likewise, when your dog is licking you, it may be that your dog is grooming you and showing closeness.

2. Welcoming You Back Home

When you return home and your dog licks you, it may be that he is excited to see you back home and welcome you. Licking you when you get home is their way of greeting or saying hello.

The behavior may also be evolutionary because researchers have found that some wild dogs do lick other members of their packs to welcome them back home.

3. Your Dog is Seeking Your Attention

Dogs learn over time that licking can get their owner’s attention. As your dog is licking you, you will surely give attention and want to show him love. Don’t push your dog away and don’t be afraid to give your dog a lot of loving and attention.

The licking may also be telling you that your dog is hungry and needs food.

4. Their Way of Showing Empathy 

Dogs are sensitive pets and are always sensitive to your emotional state because they have evolved alongside humans and know when you are emotional.

If you appear to be upset, your dog may recognize it and as a way of showing empathy, he will lick you. A study showed that dogs may have the drive to comfort sad humans.

5. They Feel Anxious

There are many reasons why your dog may feel anxious.

  • Your behavior. If you have done something aversive like yelling, your dog may be anxious, wanting to know why you did it.
  • If a dog has separation anxiety, he may feel anxious when his owner returns home

When your dog is experiencing anxiety, he may look for how to soothe himself by licking because licking will make him release endorphins and dopamine hormones to help him feel relaxed.

To encourage your dog to use licking to get comfort in the future, you may want to pet, cuddle or offer him encouraging words or sounds.

6. You Taste Good

After a sweaty workout, your dog may want to lick you because a study shows that a dog tongue can taste salt. Also, after a meal, your dog may want to lick your hands or face.

when dog licks you

What Does it Mean When a Dog Licks Your Face?

Watching dogs interact with each other, it quickly becomes clear that a lot of licking happens on the face. This behavior starts when the dog is a puppy and instinctually licks its mom’s mouth for food. Dogs lick human faces because they want to get food, and sometimes they also lick you if they remember the taste of what you ate last.

Dogs lick one another because they want to show deference, ask for things, or just say hi. It’s a natural instinct and it usually means the dog is showing you affection. It can also be a sign to request food, to solicit attention and more social information.

A dog licking faces or other parts of the body can also be part of grooming.

Some dogs tend to lick the face of a complete stranger. Why? Some dogs want to show a stranger they are friendly and may do so by licking their face. A dog might also lick your face or other body parts to compliment you.

When dogs lick the face of children, it can be a sign of appeasement or affection. They also do so to clean food residue off the child’s face.

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Is Dog Face Licking a Health Risk?

If you or your children are healthy and your dog has no rabies, dog saliva poses no health risk to the skin. However, it is not healthy to allow your dog to lick your open wound because their saliva may keep your open wound moist, allowing bacteria to thrive and may result in skin infection.

Also, anyone with a compromised immune and especially with an open wound system should not allow a dog to lick them.

Another thing is that if your dog licks your face often and you are comfortable with it, he may want to do the same to visitors or strangers too, which may scare the strangers or visitors

Face licking should not pose a health risk to healthy people but you may want to discourage face-licking to prevent spreading bacteria to open wounds and those with immune deficiency.

How to Stop Dog From Licking Your Face?

The best way to stop your dog from licking your face is to teach them that it’s not okay. The most effective way to do this is by training them with a command such as “off” or “stop it”.

It’s also possible for dogs to develop an obsessive licking habit if they feel anxious or lonely, so make sure that you give your dog plenty of attention and exercise.

To stop our dog from licking your face, try the following:

  • Determine why your dog is licking your face
  • Redirect attention by giving them more playing time and attention. This will discourage licking of face since they already have all the attentions they ever wished for.
  • Discourage bad behavior while being patient. There will be a learning curve as you redirect the attention. So, you should be patient with them.

What Does It Mean When a Dog Licks Your Leg

What Does It Mean When a Dog Licks Your Leg

When a dog licks your leg, it typically means affection. Endorphins are released, which makes them feel good. Dog licking your leg is also a sign that they love and respect you.

Here are other reasons that answer your question, “what does it mean when a dog licks your leg?”

  • Your dog is showing affection
  • It is showing you respect and submission
  • Your dog is seeking your attention
  • It is grooming you
  • It is having anxiety or other behavioral disorder
  • May be licking the salty sweat on your skin

Should You Stop Your Dog From Licking Your Legs?

You might want to uncover the root cause of your dog licking your legs but there is nothing to worry about when a dog licks your leg.

If you think your dog is having anxiety problems, you may work with your vet to uncover why and get help for him. Also, you should know that excessive licking may mean:

  • Allergies
  • Pain
  • Anxiousness
  • Underlying health issues

So while licking is not bad, you might want to know the reason for it.

How to Stop Dog From Licking Your Face?

First and foremost, you need to teach your dog that licking is not a good thing. Dogs lick to show affection, but if it’s on your face or any other body parts, it can be very uncomfortable.

There are many ways to stop your dog from licking you. One way is by using a water bottle or squirt gun and spraying the dog in the face when they start licking you.

Another way is to get a can of air freshener, spray it on yourself and then spray the dog in the face when they start licking you. This will make them associate getting sprayed with bad things and eventually stop their habit for good.

The third way is by using an air horn or whistle which will startle them and make them stop their habit for good.

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Dog Licking Legs Cancer

A leg that limps or is excessively licked or a swollen leg may be a sign of bone cancer. Signs of cranial cancer may include abnormal behavior or seizures.

Dog Licks Diabetic Legs

There are many theories about the meaning of a dog licking you. Some say it is a sign of love, while others believe that it is a sign of dominance. But what happens when your dog licks you and you have diabetes?

If you have diabetes and your dog licks your legs, then this could be a sign that they want something to eat or drink. Dogs can smell the sugar in the open wound and may be trying to get some food from you.

Dogs seem to enjoy licking open wounds because the skin contains blood sugar. The high level of glucose in the blood could be producing a pleasing, sweet odor to the dog. As long as this doesn’t have any adverse effects on the dog, then it’s not a bad thing.

Can Dog Licks Give You Acne

When dog licks you, you should be fine but this can lead to acne in some people. The saliva from the dog’s mouth contains a certain bacteria that can cause acne in people with a certain genetic predisposition.

The bacteria called propionibacterium acnes, is present in the mouths of both humans and dogs. When the dog licks someone, it transfers this bacteria to their face. This is usually not an issue for most people but for those who have a genetic predisposition for acne, it can lead to breakouts on the face.

When a Dog Licks You Alot What Does That Mean? (When Dog Licks You)

When a Dog Licks You Alot What Does That Mean? Here are the behavioral reasons why dogs lick you excessively:

  1. Boredom and/or anxiety
  2. To calm or soothe
  3. Habit
  4. Affection for the person or animal they are licking
  5. Like the taste

Here are the medical reasons why a dog licks you excessively:

  1. GI problems
  2. Infection
  3. Allergies
  4. Underlying pain

How to Stop Your Dog From Excessive Licking? (When Dog Licks You)

A common behavioral problem in dogs is excessive licking. It could result in hot spots, hair loss or skin irritation. When you see this happening, stop punishing them with water spraying or similar methods.

Positive reinforcement training can also help with the licking problem by rewarding your dog when it performed the desired behavior. For example, reward them when they stop their licking when you say “Leave it”.

When Is Licking a Problem? (When Dog Licks You)

While a dog’s licking can be a sign of love and affection, it can also be a sign of anxiety or dominance.

Dogs lick people to show their love and affection. Dogs lick people’s faces, hands and feet as a way to show that they care. Dogs also lick each other in order to show that they are friendly. In this type of licking, the dog will use his tongue to clean the other animal, which is often done in conjunction with grooming.

Dogs may lick as an act of dominance or aggression when they want something from you. This type of licking is usually accompanied by other aggressive behaviors like barking or growling.

But some licking could be a sign of more serious issues. If your dog is constantly licking themselves, you, or objects – and not stopping- this might be a sign of anxiety, boredom, or feeling pain. Obsessive self-licking can also be a sign of allergies or other health issues.

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What Can Dog Owners Do About Problem Licking? (When Dog Licks You)

When dog licks you, they lick you for various reasons. They lick to show affection, to clean themselves, and as a way of communicating with other dogs.

Some owners may not like the feeling of being licked by their dog. However, there are ways that owners can stop their dogs from licking them so much if they do not want the licking behavior to happen.

There are different types of solutions to this problem. One solution is to switch the dog’s meal to dry kibble food. Another solution is to purchase a product that stops the licking behavior like bitter apple spray or something similar.

Another idea is to redirect your dog. When they lick, respond by changing what you were doing such as giving them a puzzle to play with, instead of offering them your hand. Incompatible behaviors are more successful at interrupting licking than similar responses.

Playing catch or training tricks – in short, activities that your canine loves and you can have a lot of fun with.

Conclusion On When Dog Licks You

When dog licks you, it may mean a lot of things from showing affection to greeting you to telling you he is hungry. However, excessive licking may be caused by health issues, which you may want to find out to know what to do to help your dog.

If you do not like your dog licking you or licking any part of your body, make sure to tell him to “leave it” and redirect attention to other things. Be patient with your dog while redirecting the attention and you will be able to easily correct what you do not want in your dog.

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